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Zimt Chocolate

Zimt Chocolate

Zimt Chocolate is quite possibly the BEST raw chocolate I’ve ever eaten – and I’ve eaten a whole lot of raw chocolate!!

Right now in Canada there is almost nothing better on the market than Zimt chocolate.  The company makes chocolate bars in a variety of flavors, such as mint, orange, coconut crisp and espresso.  They also make chocolate macaroons that are absolutely irresistable.

As a rock climber, I travel all summer and keep a horde of delicious food in the roof-rack of my truck.  Zimt chocolate survives 30+ degrees heat day after day for months, and is just as delicious at the end of the trip as at the beginning.  Some chocolate goes ‘off’ – Zimt does not!!

Zimt is vegan, raw, organic and uses low-glycemic coconut sugar as a sweetener.

Zimt chocolate is owned by Emma Smith, a young woman who knows how to make a HEALTHY chocolate and to market it efficiently.  Zimt is thankfully popping up all over Canada.

Visit the Zimt website at http://www.zimtchocolates.com/

There is only one chocolate that competes with Zimt, in my opinion, and that is made by Real Raw Foods in Naramata.  I’ll review them later!

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