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Why Raw Foods?

Why Raw Foods?

Many myths and dubious claims surround raw foods, but the main reason to eat raw goes back to the principle of ‘first, do no harm.’  Raw foods contain few, if any, carcinogens because they are uncooked and therefore not subject to Maillard Reaction effects. Raw meals are made from a variety of healthy vegetables, seeds and nuts.  You can safely order a main course at most raw restaurants without stressing too much about the ingredients.

Eating ALL RAW is not necessary, nor even desirable.  While cooking foods kills many types of enzymes, light cooking (boiling) actually activates certain enzymes.  Boiled lentils and quinoa are exceptionally healthy, and should be consumed as part of a health-conscious vegan diet.

Fruitarians are ‘all raw’ but extremely unhealthy due to the high amount of fructose in their diet.

I recommend 75% raw foods, mainly in the form of greens, sprouts, and sprouted seeds.  The other 25% of your diet should consist of lightly cooked foods such as quinoa and lentils.  Note that you should NEVER heat foods above the boiling point due to the Maillard Effect.

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