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What to Eat?

MEAT & DAIRY. Cooked meat is proven in laboratory studies to cause cancer. Meat becomes more dangerous when cooked at higher temperatures. Vegans can get most of the nutrients contained in meat (such as protein and iron) from a plant-based diet without the risks. Meats & dairy products contain a smorgasbord of toxic chemicals, including bovine growth hormones, which have been proven to cause cancer. If you google ‘dairy health risk,’ you will find a terrifying body of evidence showing that milk does not do a body good.

FISH. Wild Alaskan salmon should be eaten once or twice a month primarily for its healthy omega oils and B12. Most fish is highly polluted by PCBs and mercury, but the short lifespan of salmon means they absorb fewer toxic chemicals into their flesh.

VEGETABLES. Not all vegetables are created equal. Colors indicate different nutrients, so try to eat as many different colored veggies as possible. Any green leaf, sprout or cruciferous vegetable should be considered a ‘superfood’ with powerful health benefits and cancer-fighting properties.

FRUITS. Fruits contain fructose, which has been linked not only to weight gain but also to over 70 health conditions and chronic diseases. Berries are best, having the lowest glycemic load and highest nutritional value.

SEEDS, NUTS and LEGUMES. Most seeds and nuts are nutritional powerhouses containing protein, iron and other healthy nutrients. Hemp and quinoa contain the only vegan complete proteins.

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