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Variety In the Grocery Store? Think Again …

Most people think grocery stores offer huge amounts of choice and variety.  Consider breakfast cereal.

Take a stroll down the cereal isle and you’ll see a barrage of options, from staples like raisin bran and cheerios to gluten free Kashi cereal and much, much more.

They all look different – and they’re packaged differently – but fundamentally most breakfast cereal is made from the same four ingredients; wheat, corn, soy and sugar.

For the ‘gluten free’ gimmick, they usually just omit the wheat.

Finding quality, raw, organic, gluten free vegan cereal is almost impossible in major grocery stores.  There is always some kind of buckwheat groats option, but I’m convinced nobody really likes that stuff.

One of the best cereals that I’ve found is Solar Chakra cereal, but so far they haven’t made it into the big grocery stores.

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