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Sitting Too Much Can KILL You!

Sitting Too Much Can KILL You!

During the rainy season in Squamish when I can’t climb, I tend to sit all day working on my computer, and updating my blogs.  Or reading.  Or writing.  Either way, according to the latest research, I am slowly killing myself by sitting too much …

Studies have shown conclusively that sitting too much causes heart disease, diabetes, and premature death.

If you think about it from an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense; humans did not evolve to sit on their butts all day.  We evolved to move around, run, hunt, exercise.

Unfortunately, sitting is bad for your health even if you excercise regularly.

If you want to stay healthy, avoid excessive sitting!

About Jesse James

Jesse James is a rock climber, holistic nutritionist, technology pioneer, writer, and philosopher.

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