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Say NO to Zeus: Survive AND Thrive

Say NO to Zeus: Survive AND Thrive

In Greek mythology, Tithonus was a handsome mortal man who fell deeply in love with Eos, Titan of the dawn, an immortal goddess.  There was just one problem; Tithonus was destined to grow old and die, while Eos would live forever.  Desperate, she begged the most powerful of the Olympic gods, Zeus, to grant her lover immortal life.

Zeus was a jealous god, who felt betrayed by Eos’s infatuation with Tithonus.  He granted Tithonus immortality, but not eternal youth.  Tithonus would grow older and more feeble as the centuries wore on, but would never die.  It’s was a cruel Devil’s bargain.

Tithonus survived, but hardly thrived, as ‘when loathsome old age pressed full upon him, and he could not move nor lift his limbs, this seemed to her in her heart the best counsel: she laid him in a room and put to the shining doors. There he babbles endlessly, and no more has strength at all, such as once he had in his supple limbs.’ (Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite)

In despair, Eos turned her aged lover into a grasshopper.

My ‘Survive Diet’ is designed for thriving as well as surviving.  Following my diet and supplementation regimen will help you halt and even reverse the aging process, without suffering the debilitating conditions of old age.

We will NOT make the same mistake as Tithonus.



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