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Rawthentic Courtenay

Rawthentic Courtenay

I first discovered Rawthentic in Qualicum Beach eight years ago as I was bike-touring across Vancouver Island.  I had just biked 120km, jumped in the ocean for a swim (doggie-paddle!), and then biked up the grueling hill to Rawthentic.  The little raw restaurant was cute, authentic and delicious, with fantastic food, a warm atmosphere, friendly service.

How times change.

On a climbing trip to Horne Lake, I was disappointed to learn that Rawthentic had closed its doors in Qualicum Beach and moved to Courtenay, so I dutifully made the hour-long drive from the climbing area to get my raw food fix.

Unfortunately, the new Rawthentic was somewhat disappointing.  I had no complaints about the food or the menu, but the service was bizarre; rude would not quite describe it.  A better word is indifferent. After checking other reviews online, it seems I’m not the only one who experienced strange service at this place. Also, the restaurant has no atmosphere – it felt very sterile.

Nonetheless, I went there for food, and I got food.  It was not bad either.  Not the best raw food I’ve ever eaten.  Not the worst.  The apple pie, however, was REALLY GOOD. I almost drove back the next day just for that.

Another problem is that not everything is organic; and I couldn’t get a clear answer on what was organic and what was not. When I asked if it was organic, the employee said ‘VERY.’  I don’t know what that means. A sign above the menu said 80%.  Who knows.

I ordered apple pie, a glory bowl (it had some basmati rice – one of the only cooked items in the restaurant except for hot soup), a salad, and a veggie wrap. All was good.  Smoothies were not bad either.

I give Rawthentic a 7/10.  I dock them three points for lack of variety for desserts, mediocre smoothies and not being fully organic.

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