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Rawgles & Raw Cereal = Power Breakfast

Rawgles & Raw Cereal = Power Breakfast

No fancy breakfast here, just an easy, super healthy start to the day.  If I’m not rock climbing, I usually just eat some raw organic gluten free cereal with almond milk.  Since I live in my truck, I can’t make raw almond milk, so I have to buy some questionable product at the grocery store – usually I can find a brand without sugar and without carageenan.

If I’m rock climbing, however, all bets are off.  A bowl of raw cereal just doesn’t fuel me for a 10-hour adventure.  Rawgles to the rescue!  If you don’t know what a rawgle is, well, it’s a raw bagel.  Of course.

I put some raw organic almond butter on the rawgle and usually some sort of unsweetened jam – apple butter if I can find it.  Now THAT is a filling breakfast.  Eat a few of those and you won’t be hungry for a long time – the nut butter is so filling.  If you can’t find Rawgles, you can usually find sweet raw crackers made from apples.  Those will do in a pinch …

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