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Okanagan Rawsome – Afke’s Crackers

Okanagan Rawsome – Afke’s Crackers

Owned by Afke Zonderland, Okanagan Rawsome makes raw, sprouted, vegan, organic sweet and savory cracker crisps!

These are SO YUMMY.  I eat them all the time as part of my regular daily meals.

Their main products are savory crackers, which are made from dehydrated veggies, and great as raw pizza crusts or for soups, with hummus, etc.  I put olive tapenade and avocado on them – delicious!

Their other awesome product is a sweet cracker crisp made from apples, which are great with almond butter and jam.

Afke’s products are raw, sprouted, gluten-free and mostly local and organic.

I highly recommend these crackers! They are incredibly healthy and delicious superfoods!

You can find recipes and more product information on their site here: http://www.okanaganrawsome.com/

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