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Nutritive Chakra Cereal

Nutritive Chakra Cereal

By far this is the BEST TASTING and HEALTHIEST superfood cereal I have EVER found.

I love to eat crunchy, delicious cereal in the morning with almond milk, but ‘legit’ cereal is hard to find in major grocery stores. Whole Foods has nothing.  Nature’s Fare has nothing.  Nesters has nothing.  By ‘legit’ I am talking about ORGANIC, RAW, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE.

Anything else is not legit.  It’s shit.

Oh, and I want it to taste good too!  Yeah, I am a picky customer …

Travelling through Canmore on a climbing trip this summer I happened to find this ‘chakra’ cereal at the local farmers market.  I couldn’t believe how ‘legit’ it was!  Not only is this cereal raw, organic, vegan and gluten free, but it’s also loaded with superfoods!

Unfortunately, they don’t have very wide distribution or marketing, but hopefully the bigger stores like Whole Foods and Nature’s Fare will eventually pick them up.  This is truly the BEST and HEALTHIEST raw cereal EVER.

Their website is

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