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Is Carbonated Water Bad For You?

Many studies have linked carbonated soft drinks to weakened bones, but the carbonation is actually not the problem.  Pure carbonated water – or carbonated Kombucha – will not cause any health problems, nor will it leech calcium from your bones.  Dr. Weil explains that carbonation per se is not a bad thing

Scientific America also reports that carbonated water is not bad for you. This is great news for Kombucha drinkers because kombucha is naturally carbonated.  Most carbonated beverages, however, like Pepsi, are indeed terrible for your health, but that’s because of the huge amount of sugar and anti-nutrients found in sodapop, not the carbonation itself.

Carbonated water is safe, hydrating, and just as healthy as regular water.

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Jesse James is a rock climber, holistic nutritionist, technology pioneer, writer, and philosopher.

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