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Indigo Age Cafe Vancouver

I have to admit that I was completely bummed when I heard Gorilla Foods went out of business.  Gorilla Foods might not have had the best desserts in the raw world (a little boring ..), but they were LEGIT.  Everything was organic, raw, vegan, gluten free. And the main dishes were delicious!  But Aaron Ash decided to close up shop, and in his place I found the new Indigo Age Cafe in Vancouver.

What a disappointment!

The first problem with this place is that it is not all certified organic.  In other words, you might be eating GMO there, or pesticides, etc.  Scary shit.

The other problem is that it is not all gluten free – they serve cooked Ukrainian pirogues.  Why? Because the place is owned by Ukrainians.  And the owners are clearly not raw or gluten free.

The food is generally good-tasting but overpriced as well.  I had a nice kale salad, but $15 for it?  Small serving, simple, plain, no avocado.  Not impressed at all.

Desserts were ok, but did not blow me away.  Smoothies are downright weird, and a major downgrade from the delicious Gorilla Food smoothies of days gone by.

Overall, I give this place a 3/10.

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