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Cru D’Essence Montreal Review

Cru D’Essence Montreal Review

RAW PANCAKES. Need I say more?

Cru D’Essence is a delicious raw restaurant with multiple (7 at last count) locations in Montreal.  It is by far the best and only real raw restaurant in Montreal.  Highly recommended!

I’ve eaten just about everything on the menu at Cru.  It is all organic, vegan and gluten free but not all raw; they have some cooked items, but nothing baked (no carcinogenic Maillard-Effect foods…)

The menu is extremely varied and reasonably priced – though definitely not cheap.  You get what you pay for – and the quality of the food is EXCELLENT.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal at Cru, and I ate there twice a day for three months (cost: $100/day).

Their breakfast options are AMAZING.  Smoothies and desserts are not the best ever, but still very, very good.  The raw chocolate they make is, however, INCREDIBLE. Raw tacos and raw BLT were probably my favorite.  This restaurant offers a really extensive menu as well.

Overall, a 9/10.  I dock them one point for the desserts and smoothies, which are still delicious, but could be a little more exciting.

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