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Chocolate – It Kills Dogs, But What About You?

Chocolate – It Kills Dogs, But What About You?

I eat an absurd amount of Zimt Chocolate which got me wondering about the possible adverse health effects of chocolate. After all, it kills dogs dead.  What about humans?

Turns out, it can kill humans too, but you would have to eat quite a bit.  The LDL50 for a dog is roughly 300 mg per kilogram of body weight.  For a human, it is three times as much.  LDL50 basically means you have a 50% chance of dying if you eat that much.

Well.  That didn’t make me feel so great, especially after I just ate two packages of Emma Smith’s Zimt macaroons.  Hmmm.

The toxin in chocolate is called theobromine, which is an alkaloid.  I like a bit of coffee with my chocolate – unfortunately the caffeine in coffee breaks down into about 12% theobromine.  So if you are eating a lot of chocolate, and drinking a lot of coffee, can you suffer from theobromine poisoning?

I think the answer is YES.  I have also read many anecdotal reports online from people who consume a large amount of chocolate and then suffer heart palpitations, trembling, sweats, etc.

Of course, chocolate has a TON of nutritional benefits.  Do the benefits outweigh the risks?  Like coffee, the answer is yes, but only in small quantities.


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