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Cafe Bliss Victoria Raw Food Restaurant


Cafe Bliss is an amazing raw food cafe located in downtown Victoria on Pandora St.  This place is like a second home for me when I’m visiting Victoria! I’ve eaten pretty much everything on the menu at Cafe Bliss.  The real standouts are the tacos and annapurna burger, but everything is delicious.  This is a wonderful place to come for ... Read More »

Power House Living Foods – Nanaimo Raw Food Restaurant


On my way back to Squamish from Victoria, I detoured into downtown Nanaimo to visit this raw restaurant.  It was more than worth the trip! The food is extremely delicious.  Everything seems to be made with great attention and care.  I ordered as much as I could possibly eat in an afternoon, and brought many entrees back to Squamish to ... Read More »

Rawthentic Victoria


This is the second Rawthentic that I’ve eaten at – the first one was in Courtenay.  Again, I am not impressed! I ordered a thai bowl which was very basic and didn’t taste particularly delicious.  The raw pumpkin pie was just OK.  There were plenty of menu options but none were particularly appealing. Most of the food is raw, everything ... Read More »

Green Cuisine Victoria


This is a self-serve cafeteria style vegan restaurant with a casual, hippie feel.  Prices are cheap. Why? Because the food is not organic. Nothing too fancy here but mostly healthy vegan options.  It is cheap, fast, and recommended for destitute students on a budget. Rating: 6/10 Read More »

BeLove Raw Food Restaurant Victoria BC


BeLove is surely one of the best raw vegan restaurants on Vancouver Island, if not in all of BC.  In terms of high-end raw vegan food it has no rival on the west coast. Almost all the ingredients are certified organic (with a few exceptions such as spices, etc).  The atmosphere is very compelling, featuring candles, dim lighting, and non-obnoxious ... Read More »

Rawthentic Courtenay

Glory Bowl

I first discovered Rawthentic in Qualicum Beach eight years ago as I was bike-touring across Vancouver Island.  I had just biked 120km, jumped in the ocean for a swim (doggie-paddle!), and then biked up the grueling hill to Rawthentic.  The little raw restaurant was cute, authentic and delicious, with fantastic food, a warm atmosphere, friendly service. How times change. On ... Read More »

Communitea Cafe – Canmore Alberta.

Communitea is the ‘healthy choice’ in Canmore, Alberta.  Unfortunately, it is not all organic, but it is almost all vegan (except for salmon and eggs) – and they offer plenty of gluten free options. My main complaint is the dearth of organic ingredients here.  Other than that, the food is REALLY, REALLY GOOD, especially for a small cafe that is ... Read More »

Cru D’Essence Montreal Review


RAW PANCAKES. Need I say more? Cru D’Essence is a delicious raw restaurant with multiple (7 at last count) locations in Montreal.  It is by far the best and only real raw restaurant in Montreal.  Highly recommended! I’ve eaten just about everything on the menu at Cru.  It is all organic, vegan and gluten free but not all raw; they ... Read More »

Indigo Age Cafe Vancouver

I have to admit that I was completely bummed when I heard Gorilla Foods went out of business.  Gorilla Foods might not have had the best desserts in the raw world (a little boring ..), but they were LEGIT.  Everything was organic, raw, vegan, gluten free. And the main dishes were delicious!  But Aaron Ash decided to close up shop, ... Read More »

Cafe Tao North Vancouver


One of the best raw food restaurants that I’ve ever visited has to be Cafe Tao in North Vancouver! My girlfriend and I pretty much went crazy at this cafe! We ordered raw nori rolls, a veggie burger, muffins (not raw .. but delicious), Zimt chocolates, apple crepes and a delicious strawberry smoothie. Everything was 100% delicious!! They also sell ... Read More »