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Rawgles & Raw Cereal = Power Breakfast


No fancy breakfast here, just an easy, super healthy start to the day.  If I’m not rock climbing, I usually just eat some raw organic gluten free cereal with almond milk.  Since I live in my truck, I can’t make raw almond milk, so I have to buy some questionable product at the grocery store – usually I can find ... Read More »

Quinoa Veggie Stir Fry


I eat this basically every single night, especially in the summer when I’m not close to a raw restaurant.  First, boil some quinoa.  Then stir-fry an assortment of superfood veggies like onion, garlic, broccoli, ginger, etc. in sesame oil.  It is important NOT to use olive oil for stir-frying, as it becomes carcinogenic when heated. Raw unrefined sesame oil or ... Read More »

Healthy Raw Salad


I’m not very culinary, but even I can put this together!  Healthy climbing food! I combined organic olives, pine nuts, arugula and avocado with raw gluten free sesame crutons.  I added some raw sesame oil and salt.  This superfood salad took about five minutes to make! Read More »

Veggie Burger Wraps


This is easy to prepare even for the not-culinary-inclined, like me. I bought some raw vegan burgers and vegan gluten free wraps from cafe tao in North Vancouver.  I bought some local organic greens from Nesters.  This is where it gets hard (at least for me) … I wrapped up the burger patties and veggies in the wraps.  I added ... Read More »

The Quinoa Bowl


So easy, even a guy could make this!  Boil water and add quinoa. Simmer for 7.5 minutes. Chop up superfood veggies like broccoli, garlic, kale, etc. and add to pot. Simmer for another 7.5 minutes. Garnish with sprouts, avocado oil, salt, and spices.  Healthy, fast, easy to make.  Duh! Read More »