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Evaluate Foods Based on Risk vs. Return


There are very few foods which confer only positive benefits; even healthy vegetables contain toxins to ward off insects and birds. Remember that plants are Darwinian creatures too, with no special desire to be eaten.  The only reason modern man can sustain himself on a purely vegan diet is because thousands of years of careful agricultural cultivation has bred most ... Read More »

Death Is Not An Absolute


Scientists now view old age as a disease rather than an inevitable life process. Calorie restriction and supplementation has been proven to double the lifespan of mice. Some animals, such as turtles and lobsters, never die of old age because they are biologically immortal. Researchers hope to figure out their secrets to prevent or even reverse aging in humans. Even ... Read More »

Your Body Does NOT Know Best

How could it? Your body evolved millions of years ago, while your mind has access to modern scientific information. Cravings for sweets, cheese, and fatty meats should be viewed with deep suspicion. The mind and body are continually playing tug-of-war between convenience and taste versus nutrition Read More »

But We Evolved to Eat Meat …

Sort of. As opportunistic predators, we evolved to eat anything that doesn’t kill us so quickly that we die before passing on our genes. Unfortunately, this means we also evolved minds that don’t think too much about the longterm health hazards of our food. We eat whatever tastes good and doesn’t kill us in our sleep. The reason we didn’t ... Read More »

Our Natural Diet is Not Our OPTIMAL Diet …

During the Neolithic Era, men and women were lucky to see the ripe old age of thirty, eating whatever nature provided. We ‘evolved’ to eat anything that doesn’t kill us before reproductive age. Humans are opportunistic predators who will eat almost anything for a quick source of energy, especially if it tastes good – but opportunity does not equal nutrition. Read More »