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Hey, You’re Not a Cow!

You are (hopefully) not a cow …  Your body must break down the protein in meat and dairy into building-block amino acids, then re-assemble it into protein you can actually use.  When you obtain amino acids in raw form from vegetable sources, you skip the step of having to break down anything; your body simply assembles proteins from the building ... Read More »

But We Evolved to Eat Meat …

Sort of. As opportunistic predators, we evolved to eat anything that doesn’t kill us so quickly that we die before passing on our genes. Unfortunately, this means we also evolved minds that don’t think too much about the longterm health hazards of our food. We eat whatever tastes good and doesn’t kill us in our sleep. The reason we didn’t ... Read More »

Animal Factory Farming

Animal factory farms cause massive environmental damage because of methane gas, a contributor to global warming. Industrial agriculture destroys the soil, requires huge inputs of fossil fuels, and pollutes the water supply. Eating organic, mostly vegan foods is good for the planet and good for your body. Read More »