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Foods to Avoid

Is Spirulina Healthy or Harmful?


Spirulina, a blue-green algae, is marketed as a ‘superfood’ by various health food gurus, but is it healthy or harmful? It is a tricky subject because several highly-respected scientific studies have found dangerous levels of microcystin in spirulina supplements. Microcystin is a hepatoxin produced by many species of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae).  Health food gurus claim spirulina – a type of ... Read More »

An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away … Or Not!


Whenever I see one of my dirtbag friends eating some evil sugar pastry – which is pretty much all the time – I mention that sugar is the new crack.  Being a sugar nazi doesn’t win me any friends, but it does open a discussion. Everyone knows that processed sugar is bad – real bad.  Cane sugar, which is found ... Read More »

Variety In the Grocery Store? Think Again …

Most people think grocery stores offer huge amounts of choice and variety.  Consider breakfast cereal. Take a stroll down the cereal isle and you’ll see a barrage of options, from staples like raisin bran and cheerios to gluten free Kashi cereal and much, much more. They all look different – and they’re packaged differently – but fundamentally most breakfast cereal ... Read More »


Carrageenan is a derivative of red seaweed with no nutritional value which is often added to almond milk, coconut ice-cream and other ‘healthy’ foods.  Unfortunately, carrageenan has been linked to stomach cancer and inflamation.  Since it offers no nutritional value and may cause serious health issues, the verdict on carrageenan is clear; avoid it! Read More »

Think Decaf Coffee Is Healthy? Think Again …

Most people who are ‘health conscious’ but love coffee switch to decaf, but they’re making a huge mistake.  The caffeine molecule itself, found in coffee and tea, has been proven to offer serious health benefits.  The process of decaffination is actually quite carcinogic.  If you’re going to drink coffee, and I recommend two cups per day, make sure to consume ... Read More »