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An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away … Or Not!


Whenever I see one of my dirtbag friends eating some evil sugar pastry – which is pretty much all the time – I mention that sugar is the new crack.  Being a sugar nazi doesn’t win me any friends, but it does open a discussion. Everyone knows that processed sugar is bad – real bad.  Cane sugar, which is found ... Read More »

To Supplement or Not to Supplement … That Is the Question


People often ask me ‘Why do you take so many supplements?  Can’t you get all the nutrients you need from your diet?’ Maybe.  Maybe not.  It depends on exactly what you mean by ‘need’?  All the nutrients you need for what, exactly?  Need for living long enough to reproduce?  Need for reasonable good health?  Need for maximum althetic performance?   Need ... Read More »

Six Easy Dietary Steps to Better Health

I know dozens of people who want to become healthier, but for most people leaping into a vegan, gluten-free, almost-raw diet is simply too intense.  It feels impossible. Luckily, becoming healthier need not be such a shock to the system.  The transition can occur gradually, over time.  Here are five easy ways to improve your diet and your health without ... Read More »

Variety In the Grocery Store? Think Again …

Most people think grocery stores offer huge amounts of choice and variety.  Consider breakfast cereal. Take a stroll down the cereal isle and you’ll see a barrage of options, from staples like raisin bran and cheerios to gluten free Kashi cereal and much, much more. They all look different – and they’re packaged differently – but fundamentally most breakfast cereal ... Read More »

But The Air and Water Will Kill You …


I often find myself engaged in (sometimes futile, often frustrating) conversation with people who simply don’t care about their own health.  These ‘unhealthy folk’ range from the 1950s meat-and-potatoes grandpa to the modern-day fast food junkie, and everyone in between.  Their common retort to my health advice is simply: ‘You might eat healthy, but the air and the water will ... Read More »

Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Homocysteine Disease


  Fish provides a good source of protein and omega fatty acids.  Even more important, fish offers a reliable source of B12, which the vegan diet conspicuously lacks.  Some vegans claim that nutritional yeast and blue-green algae contain B12, but studies have shown that these ‘B12 analogues’ are not absorbed by the body.  Taking vitamin B12 supplements is an option, ... Read More »

Say NO to Zeus: Survive AND Thrive


In Greek mythology, Tithonus was a handsome mortal man who fell deeply in love with Eos, Titan of the dawn, an immortal goddess.  There was just one problem; Tithonus was destined to grow old and die, while Eos would live forever.  Desperate, she begged the most powerful of the Olympic gods, Zeus, to grant her lover immortal life. Zeus was ... Read More »

Cortisol Will Kill You

Even the healthiest eaters face daily life stresses, such as financial uncertainty and relationship issues.  But stress is public enemy #1, resulting in elevated cortisol levels.  Cortisol lowers immune system function, increases weight gain, reduces overall life expectancy, causes heart disease, and may increase the risk of cancer.  Keeping your stress levels to a minimum is absolutely essential for a ... Read More »

Why Raw Foods?


Many myths and dubious claims surround raw foods, but the main reason to eat raw goes back to the principle of ‘first, do no harm.’  Raw foods contain few, if any, carcinogens because they are uncooked and therefore not subject to Maillard Reaction effects. Raw meals are made from a variety of healthy vegetables, seeds and nuts.  You can safely ... Read More »

Superfoods That Aren’t: E3 Live and Spirulina

These bluegreen algae products are promoted as a superfood cure for almost anything, but bluegreen algaes contain some of the nastiest natural toxins on earth, known as microcystin.  The algae used to produce E3 live and spirulina supplements does not produce microcystins, but it grows in the same lakes as other, much more dangerous algaes.  Tests have shown that spirulina ... Read More »