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Is Carbonated Water Bad For You?

Many studies have linked carbonated soft drinks to weakened bones, but the carbonation is actually not the problem.  Pure carbonated water – or carbonated Kombucha – will not cause any health problems, nor will it leech calcium from your bones.  Dr. Weil explains that carbonation per se is not a bad thing Scientific America also reports that carbonated water is ... Read More »

Think Decaf Coffee Is Healthy? Think Again …

Most people who are ‘health conscious’ but love coffee switch to decaf, but they’re making a huge mistake.  The caffeine molecule itself, found in coffee and tea, has been proven to offer serious health benefits.  The process of decaffination is actually quite carcinogic.  If you’re going to drink coffee, and I recommend two cups per day, make sure to consume ... Read More »



Replace cow’s milk with almond milk or hemp milk. Beware that certain brands love to sneak a little sugar in there to make it taste better, so look for the unsweetened variety. Read More »

Red Wine

Hard liquor is straight poison. Red wine contains resveratrol, which is proven to increase the lifespan of mice in laboratory experiments. Alcohol is a heavy diuretic, which means you should always drink plenty of water should you choose to imbibe. Red wine is known to contain the anti-aging molecule resveratrol and is proven to be good for your heart, if ... Read More »



Coffee gets a bad rap, but studies have shown numerous health benefits from drinking up to three cups a day. Coffee is a mild diuretic with a net hydrating affect, which means drinking coffee increases your hydration level. Coffee does contain a carcinogen, known as ‘furan,’ found mostly in espresso. Drip coffee is best. Here are some reasons to drink ... Read More »


Your body is 90% water, so proper hydration is critical for good health. Most towns and cities add fluoride, chlorine and other highly toxic chemicals to tap water. Drink spring water. Read More »

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas do not contain fluoride and many have wide-ranging health benefits. NaturalNews reports on the health benefits of Roiibos tea. Read More »

White Tea

Since white tea is harvested when very young, the leaves have had little time to suck up fluoride from the ground. White tea slows down the aging process. According to new research, white tea keeps you healthy and young. Read More »