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Animal Factory Farming

Animal factory farms cause massive environmental damage because of methane gas, a contributor to global warming. Industrial agriculture destroys the soil, requires huge inputs of fossil fuels, and pollutes the water supply. Eating organic, mostly vegan foods is good for the planet and good for your body. Read More »

So You Want to Lose WEIGHT?

Burn more calories than you consume. Some foods require more energy than others to break down. High protein foods require almost as many calories to metabolize as contained in the food itself. Starches, complex carbohydrates and sugars require very little energy to break down, meaning all of those calories are available for use by the body, either to be burned ... Read More »

Fats Are Your Friends

Most people stress about eating too much fat, but saturated and unsatured fats are critical for good health and brain function. The best sources of healthy fats are olives, avocados, coconuts and walnuts, which should be eaten regularly. Read More »

Avoid Processed Foods

Avoid processed foods like bread and pasta which dramatically spike blood sugar levels due to their high glycemic load. Gluten is a toxic protein found in wheat, barley, spelt, kamut and rye that causes your immune system to turn against your body. Breads, pastas, beer, soy sauce and veggie ‘substitutes’ like mock duck contain gluten. Insist on eating gluten-free foods. Read More »

Become a Label Checker

When a product is labelled ‘all natural,’ that means not organic. Bottled, canned and packaged food manufacturers love to sneak preservatives into their foods to increase shelf life, such as sodium benzoate and MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). Avoid artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors and artificial colors – in fact, avoid ‘artificial’ anything! Get in the habit of checking labels and reading ingredients. ... Read More »

The Big Three for Vegans

PROTEIN. ‘But where do you get your protein?’ is the most common question I hear. Vegetables, especially green leafs like chard, spinach and kale are rich in amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Quinoa and hemp contain ‘complete proteins’ with all twelve essential amino acids. Nuts, seeds, lentils and sprouts all contain prodigious amounts of protein. LYSINE. Of all ... Read More »

Why Organic?

Most chemical pesticides are derived from nerve gas (including the dreaded VX) used during World War II. Once the war ended, the companies that manufactured nerve gas began producing pesticides for Nelson Rockefeller’s burgeoning ‘Green Revolution’ of industrial agriculture. Some farms are even using sewage sludge as a fertilizer, spraying their plants with raw untreated sewage. Common sense dictates that ... Read More »