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Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells and Shrinks Tumors

That National Institute on Drug Abuse has finally admitted that cannabis offers significant health benefits, such as killing cancer cells and shrinking tumors.  Marijuana has long been known to confer positive effects in patients suffering from cancer and MS.  Nevertheless, I don’t use marijuana as a supplement for several reasons. First of all, smoking marijuana (smoking anything, actually) is bad for your lungs.  Second, some studies have suggested that THC in cannabis kills brain cells.  Third, the psychological affects (habit-forming, ‘munchies’, potential lethargy, etc) are unappealing to me.  But for cancer patients, those at genetic risk for cancer, or those suffering from MS, I would highly recommend consuming cannabis in the form of food (cookies, etc.).

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Jesse James is a rock climber, holistic nutritionist, technology pioneer, writer, and philosopher.

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