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Cafe Bliss Victoria Raw Food Restaurant

Cafe Bliss Victoria Raw Food Restaurant

Cafe Bliss is an amazing raw food cafe located in downtown Victoria on Pandora St.  This place is like a second home for me when I’m visiting Victoria!

I’ve eaten pretty much everything on the menu at Cafe Bliss.  The real standouts are the tacos and annapurna burger, but everything is delicious.  This is a wonderful place to come for breakfast as they offer raw cereal with house-made almond mylk and chai tea.  Unfortunately, no coffee at Cafe Bliss, but you can get caffeinated two doors down at Habit Coffee!

The raw desserts and smoothies are all delicious and the menu is highly diverse.

Everything at Bliss is vegan and gluten free, and most items are raw (with a few exceptions of boiled lentils or brown rice).  Almost everything is organic.  Bliss is owned by the same folks who own Be Love, so the food is somewhat similar as well.

This is a very casual restaurant with no table service suitable for late breakfast, lunch or very early dinner.  The staff are super friendly.  I would strongly recommend Cafe Bliss as one of the best raw vegan restaurants in Victoria.

Rating: 9/10

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