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But We Evolved to Eat Meat …

Sort of. As opportunistic predators, we evolved to eat anything that doesn’t kill us so quickly that we die before passing on our genes. Unfortunately, this means we also evolved minds that don’t think too much about the longterm health hazards of our food. We eat whatever tastes good and doesn’t kill us in our sleep. The reason we didn’t evolve to eat only plants is because many plants contain toxins to discourage insects, birds and other animals from consuming them. Plants are Darwinian creatures too with no special desire to be eaten. Most plants in the ancestral environment were poisonous; whereas cooked Woolly Mammoth meat might cause cancer late in life, a poisonous mushroom would kill us on the spot. The invention of agriculture eight thousand years ago explains why modern humans can switch to an herbivorous lifestyle; thousands of years of hybridization has bred toxicity out of the plants we now consume.

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Jesse James is a rock climber, holistic nutritionist, technology pioneer, writer, and philosopher.

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