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But The Air and Water Will Kill You …

But The Air and Water Will Kill You …

I often find myself engaged in (sometimes futile, often frustrating) conversation with people who simply don’t care about their own health.  These ‘unhealthy folk’ range from the 1950s meat-and-potatoes grandpa to the modern-day fast food junkie, and everyone in between.  Their common retort to my health advice is simply:

‘You might eat healthy, but the air and the water will kill you just as quick as a Big Mac. So why bother?’

Fair enough – but why let the air and water send you to an early grave?

I live in a tent most of the year in the wilderness; no pollution out there!  And I drink from a glacier-fed mountain stream.  No chlorine in there!

Luckily, you don’t have to go to such extremes to stay healthy.  NEVER drink tap water; it is filled with toxic chemicals such as chlorine, hypochlorite and fluoride.  Always drink spring water; you can find a spring near you at http://FindASpring.com . Go fill up some GLASS (not plastic!) bottles with healthy spring water. Best of all, it’s free.

Air quality is trickier.  If you MUST live in a city, invest in an in-home air purification system.  Better yet, move to a small town, and leave the hustle of the city behind.  You will be healthier physically and mentally …

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