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BeLove Raw Food Restaurant Victoria BC

BeLove Raw Food Restaurant Victoria BC

BeLove is surely one of the best raw vegan restaurants on Vancouver Island, if not in all of BC.  In terms of high-end raw vegan food it has no rival on the west coast.

Almost all the ingredients are certified organic (with a few exceptions such as spices, etc).  The atmosphere is very compelling, featuring candles, dim lighting, and non-obnoxious music.  They serve alcohol, including a fine selection of BC red wines.  I chose to imbibe.

My friend and I sampled a large variety of food and drink on the menu, as I chose to dine here every single night that I was in Victoria.  We enjoyed a delicious raw ZLT, raw pizza, dahl baat bowl, macrobiotic bowl, various cheesecakes and nut cheese platters, goji creamsicle smoothies, and much much more.  The smoothies were exceptionally good!

The service was also excellent, with a friendly knowledgeable staff.  While they do serve some cooked food, most dishes are raw and everything is vegan and gluten free.

I would highly recommend Be Love if you visit Victoria.

Rating: 9/10

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